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Solo Bungy Jump - Taupo
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One of the most scenic Bungy Jump experiences. The colour of the water will inspire you to jump!

Since commencing operations in 1991, over 350,000 visitors have “TAKEN THE PLUNGE” in Taupo.  Located in the Waikato River Valley upstream of the world renowned Huka Falls, this is one of the most scenic bungy sites. The unique cantilever platform projects out from the clifftop, 47metres above the crystal clear waters of the Waikato River below. The colour of the water alone is enough to inspire you to jump!  The highly trained crew pride themselves in providing you with an exhilarating bungy experience.

A scenic walking track, from the bungy jetty back to the  Bungy office, provides convenient return access for the jumper after completing their jump. The walk-track also provides a short walk for spectators, enabling spectacular views of the sheer cliffs and stunning river environment. All of this is located on the Waikato River, only five minutes from Taupo town centre.


Weight Restrictions: • Minimum Weight Bungy = 45kgs (99lbs); Minimum Weight Swing = 30kgs (66lbs) Maximum Weight = 180kgs (393lbs) Minimum Age is 10 years old.  If aged between 10 and 15 years, a parent or guardian’s signature is required.  All participants must fit the appropriate safety harness in order to perform activity.
Medical Conditions: We need to know of any medical conditions and/or injuries that could make the ride less enjoyable or unsafe for our bungy jumpers and swingers. These include: High Blood Pressure; Epilepsy; Asthma; Heart Conditions; Head Injuries; Pregnancy; Back Injuries; Artificial Limbs; Previous Dislocations; or any Neurological Disorders. Please keep in mind, that if jumpers or swingers choose not to jump/swing, their ticket cannot be refunded or transferred.



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