Agro Jet Ride - 1 Adult

Agro Jet Ride - Rotorua
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Fun gift for all ages.

Power around the purpose built watercourse in a high speed Hamilton Jet Boat. Think you can handle speed surges up to 100kph in four seconds? The G-force sensation is akin to a Formula One Racing car in full throttle. Climb aboard. Snuggle into the bucket seat, click into your four-point race harness and let your pro driver show you what life’s really like in the fast lane – because there is no slowing down for the corners!

These 13 foot, state of the art water scythes cut a foaming path through the Agrojet watercourse – the hot 400Ci Chevy engine delivers a pulsing 450 horsepower to the one stage jet unit.

Fast Facts:
- No, you don’t get wet.
- Yes, it is fast (0-100 kmph in 4.5 seconds)
- No, you don’t drive
- No, you won’t fall out
- Yes it is safe

Gift Restrictions: Clients need to be at least 1 meter tall. There are no age restrictions.

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