Auckland's Whale & Dolphin Safari - 1 Adult

Auckland Whale & Dolphin Safari -1 Adult
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Birthday or Christmas gift for those who have an interest in marine mammals and havent experienced them on our own doorstep.

Our 4.5 hour marine eco-safari offers guaranteed whale and dolphin viewing year-round.

On Auckland’s doorstep, the Hauraki Gulf is considered one of the most biologically and geographically diverse marine parks in the world. 22 species of marine mammal have been identified, almost 1/3 of the entire world’s population of species. Dolphins are viewed on over 90% and whales on 75% of trips.

The privilege of operating daily within this world-class conservation area has led us to establish New Zealands only research-based marine mammal experience. working closely with the Department of Conservation and local universities we successfully combine quality viewing of whales, dolphins and sea-birds with important marine Biology research conducted on-board. Allowing passengers the chance to encounter, understand and above-all help protect this incredible resource of marine life.

You will be very relaxed and comfortable on this 65ft luxury catamaran which holds up to 100 people with fully licensed cafe/bar.

On a small number of our trips we do not find dolphins or whales. This occurs for reasons beyond our control. Passengers on these trips will be provided with a voucher to come back on another day for free.



Sea sickness:

If you are inclined to sea sickness then please check the weather and medicate yourself several hours before boarding. Sea sickness medication is available from most pharmacies and supermarkets. Unfortunately we do not carry any remedies or medical relief onboard. If someone is feeling sick they need to tell a crew member and follow their instructions. We do provide sick bags for people to use, and we encourage you to do so!

Other medical conditions:
Please inform us upon booking if you have any pre-existing medical conditions that we should be made aware of. All members of the crew are fully trained in first aid response.

Gift booking is subject to availability.

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