7 Week Salsa Dance Course - Christchurch - 1 person

7 Week Salsa Dance Course - Christchurch
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Gift experience for someone who loves to dance and would like to expand their skills to include the Salsa.

The dance school specialises in Latin dance classes from beginners to advanced, covering all the Salsa and Merengue styles danced in such places as London, Cuba, Miami and LA. If you want to learn a few steps for fun or wish to become a professional dancer, there are classes for you. You will be taught basic Merengue alongside Salsa as it often compliments the Salsa dance. The simple techniques on combinations, signalling, following and leading, ladies styling, advanced moves and tricks, shines and footwork will have you on the dance floor in no time.

This seven week course is an intoduction to Salsa and Merengue and will see you finish with three small routines to use on the dance floor. You will learn the basics of timing, leading and following..


Gift location: Christchurch

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