White Water Rafting Trip - Wairoa - Matamata - 1 person

White Water Rafting Trip - Wairoa
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This is ‘the one the locals love’ and it’s recognised worldwide for its rafting value.

The most technical of the trips we offer, the Wairoa courses through a stunning rock and tree lined gorge. The trip combines turbulent rapids with exciting drops to produce top white water action. This hydro-controlled river is only released 26 days per year.(selected Sundays from September to May). Just over two hours drive away from Auckland, between Matamata and Tauranga on State Highway 29.

River Rats have been offering quality rafting for over 25 years and pride themselves on their safety first culture and an attention to detail. All trips include wetsuits, wetsuit boots, helmets & life jackets. Fleece tops and sprayjackets are available subject to temperatures on the day. Rafters need to bring a swim suit, towel.

Lunch is supplied Photographs are available and can be viewed after the rafting trip, and purchased if desired.



The minimum age for this trip is 13 years old. Children under 16 must be accompanied by an adult. 40kg minimum weight limit. 120kg maximum weight limit.

This gift experience is supplied as a voucher that is valid for 12 months.

It will be sent out with full details of the gift and booking instructions.

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