Escape Game - Student/Child U15

Escapade Escape  Game - Student/Child U15
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Great gift for 16th Birthday Present - Put a group of friends together in the locked room and let them find their way out - could take them up to 60 minutes to solve the challenge!!!!!

Using your observational skills, problem solving ability, street smarts and common sense, you need to decipher a set of tricky clues and puzzles as you and your team race to find the answers and escape – in 60 minutes.     Escapade is exciting, challenging, and totally different: just about the best fun you can have in a locked room.

You need a minimum of 2 people to play this Escapade - Each room can take 6 people  - Choose from 3 Different games when you book.
'The Bach' - You're in the classic Kiwiana bach - you get a cryptic message from Grandma giving you the clue to an old mystery........
"The Shed' - You have stumbled across a gold mining shed way out in the bush, and you could be on the way to a secret fortune !! or
"The Tavern" Locked in a mystical tavern from times long past, you're on a quest to save the city !!

Escapade takes all types – the quiet thinkers, the sharp eyed observers, bundles of energy and the super-brains. Put your best team of friends, family or work mates together and bring your ‘A’ game: you and your team will have a whale of a time trying to solve our devilish riddles, puzzles and clues.

Student will need to show Student ID - Any child U15 must be accompanied by an Adult.

Children must be 15 or Under and must be accompanied by and Adult.

A Student is a person who can show his Student ID (secondary school or university)



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