Fixed Wing Aircraft Flying Lesson Introduction - Auckland - 1 person

Fixed Wing Aircraft Flying Lesson - Auck
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Just imagine, traversing the skies, skimming the trees and viewing the expanse of the sea, islands and Auckland below. A gift experience not to be missed. Get the adrenalin boost felt only on takeoff and landing, not to mention the coasting sensation as you skim on air, and then, being able to say "I flew a plane today".

WOW! What an experience.

Introduction to Flying Lesson, includes:

- 30 minutes flying time (45 minute lesson)
- Pre-flight instruction on controlling an aircraft in flight
- Discussion time to answer questions on learning to fly


Minimum age is 10 years.

People must have the ability to operate a motor vehicle or similar.

Weight limit: 100 kg

This gift experience is supplied as a voucher that is valid for 12 months.

It will be sent out with full details of the gift and booking instructions.

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