Drive Rush Stunt Driving Introductory - 1 person

Stunt Car Driving Introductory- Auckland
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After the initial meet, greet and safety briefing the client is placed in the car with the instructor driving. You will experience an adrenaline pumping stunt/precision driving routine including all the slides, spins & near misses.

Then it's your turn to get behind the wheel and experience the Skid Mat, this is where you come down the track pedal to the metal  flat out, and when you hit the skid mat you lock it up with the use of the foot brake, once you do that the car will go in anything from 360 - 1440 degree spins in what will appear to be totally out of control.  The amazing thing about this drill, is not only do you get to experience all those spins safely, you come to realise you don't become disorientated and if you wanted, you could drive out of it!

Then just when you thought it was all over, you take the wheel as you jump a car “ramp to ramp” 2 metres in the air over the top of another car

An action packed 1.5hours of excitment and fun.





Gift Duration: 

Approximately 1.5 hrs.

Gift Restrictions:
You must have a drivers licence to participate.

North Harbour Stadium, Albany, Auckland

This gift experience is supplied as a voucher that is valid for 12 months.

It will be sent out with full details of the gift and booking instructions.

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