Exchange a Gift Voucher

We all make mistakes at times despite our best intentions, not to mention the hours we spent hunting down the "Perfect Gift"!!!

If you have a gift you dont want, the process to exchange is very simple.

To do a swap you can add the alternative experience/s you want to the shopping cart and click the checkout button.  Towards the bottom of the checkout, in the payment section, you will see an option to pay by voucher, enter your voucher number in the box provided and click 'Check', that way the system will use the value of that voucher number to pay for the replacement gift. 

If the experiences you have chosen are less than the value of your original voucher, the total will show a negative balance and you will be sent a dollar value Gifts to Remember voucher to redeem at another time.  If you get really excited and choose experiences to a value higher that your original gift, you can pay a balnace by either credit card or direct credit using internet banking.  The order will then be completed and you will receive a swap email confirmation.
If you have any trouble please feel free to call our customer service number 0800 200 204 and we will organise the swap over the phone for you..