Franz Josef Hot Pools - Private Pool - 2 people

Franz Josef Hot Pools - Private Pool -  2 people
Lower South Is.
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Treat yourself to a Hot Pools experience like no other!

New Zealand's most unique hot pools experience is in the heart of the rainforest.  Nestled in lush rainforest, the Glacier Hot Pools is a haven of natural tranquility. The pools are the perfect way to unwind and experience a blissful state of pure relaxation after travelling along the South Islands West Coast.

The Private Pools are surrounded by majestic rainforest and offer total seclusion, naturally. A Private Pool experience includes private changing facilities with towels and complimentary entry into the Main Pools.

The fresh glacier water for the Private Pools is re-filtered after every use. Private Pools are 45 minutes in duration. Private Pool bookings are for a minimum of two people and a maximum of four people.

This gift experience is supplied as a voucher that is valid for 12 months.

It will be sent out with full details of the gift and booking instructions.

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