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Flying Lesson – Basic Training – Whakatane – 1 person –   Ideal For… … the person who wants to learn and experience more than what is offered in a “Standard Trial Flight” (Mission 1). Like a military basic training, you get to go through the basics of flying an aircraft in one simple pre-flight briefing using a full size flight Simulator. Follow-up a real flight where your new acquired skills are put into practice. Almost everyone is surprise how successfully and relaxed they become at the controls of an aircraft in flight. The Basics –  We show you how each control is operated and how they effect an aircraft in flight. These instruments are Control Column (Joy Stick), Rudder Pedals, Power, Flap, and Trim. Get to fly the aircraft “Straight and Level” and “Climbing and Descending”. Complete this mission by do a few medium turns. Flight Simulator Practice –  There is anything like a little practice first, will your feet on the ground. Aerohire’s Full Size Flight Simulator easy for your instructor to explain and let you try stuff out before getting airborne. In the simulator you get to demonstrate your skills over three different flights in three different aircraft. Sim Flight 1: Float Plane, Take off and landed on water. Plenty room and can’t miss the Runway / Sea. Sim Flight 2: Light Aircraft, Start up, Taxi, and Then a Take off (this time on a runway). Once at safe height you get the do some turns. Finally return to the airport and another landing. Sim Flight 3: Jet Fighter, find out what its will to fly like “TOP GUN” The Flight  –  Now with your flight simulator practice you almost don’t need your Instructor however they will come along just in case. You will find this flight of yours a very much a hands on experience as you get shown and do the basics of controlling an aircraft. Enjoy!  

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