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The most popular OGO ride. The H2OGO! 2 people ride the OGO down the twistiest track ever constructed! Slide in 40 litres of water (cool in the summer and warm in the winter) getting speed up on the straights before riding up the sides of the most massive corners.Super slippery … so you feel like you’re sliding in a rotating waterfall. Warm water in the winter and cool water in the summer. The OGO is a 3 metre (11 foot) transparent sphere lovingly constructed from over 100 square metres (300 square feet) of plastic, more than 1,000 little plastic anchors, about 600 multi-coloured strings and endless hours of welding, glueing and tieing combined with sweat, tears and billions of teensy little kisses to make a beautiful big ball that you can jump inside and roll down a hill.

Key Information

6 years and over 350 metres one, two or three people 120 kg and under per person 250 kg and under for combined weight Yes – you WILL get wet (warm water on cold days) Yes – we have hire clothing available


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