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SkyWalk – Auckland -1 Child (10-15 yrs) – Life on the Edge! Walk the 1.2 metre-wide walkway around Auckland’s famous Sky tower – 192 metres above the ground, no handrails and nothing but air either side of you! SkyWalk is one of New Zealand's most exhilarating and unique tourist attractions and the most thrilling adventure to be had in Auckland City. You'll traverse 360 degrees around the spectacular Sky Tower – the tallest tower in the Southern Hemisphere – stopping at several points to: – have your photo taken! – admire the spectacular views of Auckland city and the sparkling harbour – learn a little about Auckland history and landmarks, – see how tiny cars and people are from 192 metres above the ground! – hear the amazing story of the Sky Tower’s construction, and – have a go at hanging over the edge! So go on, Live on the Edge and experience SkyWalk! Duration: From check in at Mission Control to waving our team goodbye with a huge smile on your dial, the SkyWalk experience takes around 75 minutes. Safety:  SkyWalk has been independently approved by a certified engineer and very rigorous safety standards are upheld. SkyWalk is an adventure activity with a very low real risk but very high perceived risk. Each SkyWalker has two safety tethers from their harness up to the overhead rail. One is a climbing rope designed as a failsafe. The other is a seatbelt-type retraction system that allows the tether to be adjusted to your individual height. This means that if you do step off the pergola you simply swing back like a pendulum!  

Key Information

Gift Restrictions: SkyWalk has very strict cut-off limits for wind. Minimum weight restriction: 45kgs in winds over 45 km/h. Minimum age: 10 years old (written parental consent is required for all people aged 10-13 years) SkyWalk is designed to carry a maximum weight of 130kg. This gift experience is supplied as a voucher that is valid for 12 months. It will be sent out with full details of the gift and booking instructions.


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