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High Wire Adventure – Intermediate Courses   (Family 4 people) – A gift for all the family – high ropes adventure in the forest. For beginners to aspiring acrobats, the Branching Out course option was designed for budding baboons. With activities ranging from 3 to 7 meters above the ground you will ease your way on to the loose long boards, swinging plateaus and hanging X’s. From there, progress into the more challenging hanging logs, long boards, and the legendary giant vertical cable. Finish it all off Tarzan style on a number of rewarding flying foxes that will have you zipping through the treetops at full throttle. Upon arrival at the adventure park, you will be required to sign a risk acknowledgement and disclaimer (children under 18, will be required to have their parent or guardian sign on their behalf) before being fitted with safety equipment. Then after a little reading to acquaint yourself with the ‘rules’ and ‘guidelines’ for park use, an instructor gives you a briefing on a practice course to demonstrate how to use the gear correctly and how to ensure your own safety. Once you've completed the practice course under the supervision of an instructor, you will be ready to undertake the activities by yourself. The Branching Out experience is recommended for an intermediate climber. Instructors are always on hand to make sure you are safe and are happy to provide advice or assistance at any time. The course starts with a ladder to climb up to the first platform, and finishes with a flying fox. 

Key Information

Minimum Height Requirement – 1.3 meters Maximum Weight – 120kg Course Heights – 3-7 meters Climb Time – Approx. 1.5-2 hours  


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