About Gifts To Remember

Gifts To Remember is an Auckland-based New Zealand gift company that commenced trading in 1997.  Then, the concept of giving a gift experience was unique to New Zealand and it has developed into a very successful business.

We recognized from the beginning that the success of the business was only as good as the suppliers providing the services to our gift recipients. In order to assure ourselves of the quality of the service provided many of the services have been personally visited and checked out. Where this has not been possible, we have accepted personal recommendations from people we trust.

This has allowed us to offer our clients a confidence in regard to the nature and quality of the gifts provided. We also believe the focus on quality of service has been successful and since inception we have received only a handful of complaints about the service provided. Where this has occurred we have been very proactive in following through, finding out what went wrong and making adjustments where necessary. We believe this is a remarkable achievement for a service based business and has led to development of a very loyal client base.

The success of Gifts To Remember has also been supported by our ability to adapt and change as technology has developed. Gifts To Remember was one of the first New Zealand businesses trading on the internet and is definitely one of the longest surviving businesses of this type. Recent years have seen a number of competitors enter the market in New Zealand but we continue to offer the best customer service and a wider range of gift experience.

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