Buying Gifts from Gifts To Remember

How to purchase gifts from Gifts to Remember

Gifts To Remember uses the DPS payment system.  This system is widely used by web-based businesses in New Zealand and is endorsed by New Zealand banks as one of the safest systems available.

As part of our checkout process we collect information about you and the person you are buying the gift for.  This information is collected through a secure process that encrypts the information before sending it across the internet.  Once you have completed the checkout process, you have a choice of payment options:

  1. Direct credit: The safest option of all – you will be supplied with the details of our bank account so that you can make a direct credit payment to cover the cost of your gift purchase.
  2. Credit Card Purchase: This option provides the opportunity to pay for your gift vouchers with a Visa, Mastercard or with a debit card.  If you select this option for your payment you will be taken through to ‘Payment Express’ a system provided and hosted by DPS so that merchants do not handle the credit card details of customers.  This system uses the safest level of encryption and security on the internet and does not store details of your credit card after a payment is made.  It complies with standards set by the credit card companies.
  3. Voucher redemption: If you have a Gifts To Remember dollar value voucher, you can choose this payment option to redeem your voucher for the gift experience you have chosen.