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Akaroa Harbour Cruise – Child (5 – 15 years)  This gift enables you to soak up the delights of Akaroa Harbour, the Riviera of Canterbury. Relax and enjoy a 2 hour cruise from the luxury of the Canterbury Cat – a 52 foot catamaran with an enclosed cabin and an upper level open deck. Be educated and fascinated by the extensive, well researched commentary as the experienced crew of the Canterbury Cat show you the delights of the harbour. One of them is to meet up with families of the smallest and one of the rarest dolphins, the Hectors Dolphins. These friendly and inquisitive mammals can only be found in New Zealand waters. There is a population of around 400 in the peninsula area, which can be viewed all year. From November to May they come into the harbour to calve and sightings of the juveniles is always a pleasure as the Hectors Dolphin is becoming an endangered species. The harbour is also home to many different varieties of seabird. For example the smallest penguin in the world, the "White Flippered Little Blue Penguin", 5 different Cormorant species and 3 different gulls to name but a few. Nine million years ago, Akaroa was a live volcano. This has left many formations of spectacular caves, cliffs, volcanic outcrops and ancient lava flows all easily seen on your cruise.  


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