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Antarctic Centre General Admission – Family  (2A + 3C) –  General Admission includes everything at the attraction. The pass is for a full day. Antarctica is quite simply one of the world's most amazing places and truly the only place on earth that is still as it should be…. At the International Antarctic Centre, you can have an authentic Antarctic experience without leaving Christchurch! Located on a working Antarctic Campus at Christchurch Airport, the centre is one of New Zealand's best tourist attractions and offers visitors of all ages an interactive, tactile, fun and exciting experience of Antarctica. Antarctica ….. the coldest, driest and windiest place on earth and more than 98% covered in ice. Incredibly dangerous, the earths 5th largest continent radiates a magical feeling across its untouched vast wilderness of white. Globally important for environmental and climate research, Antarctica is also home to enchanting penguins, seals and wildlife and features spectacular seasonal light displays (aurora's), stunning glaciers, ice formations and pressure ridges. You'll experience the four seasons of Antarctica, snow and ice, a storm, learn about life in modern day Antarctica and Scott Base, and hang out with Little Blue Penguins! There's also the famously exciting Hagglund ride, an awesome simulated 4D cruise plus heaps more! Allow 2-3 hours to fully enjoy your Antarctic experience.

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Facilities Cafe and bar plus souvenir shop Jackets and overshoes are provided for the snow and ice experience  


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