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Punting on the Avon – Christchurch – One Adult  –    Experience life the way it should be – relaxed, tranquil and thoroughly enjoyable! An iconic Christchurch activity not to be missed. Admire the beautiful Christchurch Botanic Gardens or the changing face of the city centre as you are expertly guided gently along the Avon River on our authentic Edwardian Punting tours. Summer or winter, glide along the tranquil Avon River in Christchurch, as a skilled Punter in traditional Edwardian attire propels you slowly along the water. Our Avon River Punting tours are set aboard handcrafted flat-bottomed boats, poled along by your Punter from the platformed till at the rear end of the boat. An ideal group or family activity, Punting on the Avon is an eco-friendly way to relax and enjoy Christchurch from a different perspective. From our Park landing site, sit back and let your troubles melt away as you pass the trailing willows and leafy banks of the stunning Christchurch Botanic Gardens.  Please note that all standard Punt rides are shared 30-minute rides. 

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