Driving Gifts

Driving Gifts Experience New Zealand

Experience the fun of driving a V8,a  single seater racecar or get behind the wheel of a Lambourgine, Ferrari, Aston Martin or Lotus- you can make someone’s dream a reality.

For something more adventurous what about stunt driving! Get fast & furious with this extreme stunt driving experience. Learn how to perform exciting stunt driving techniques, slides and spins just like you’ve seen in the movies.

‘Drift’ and take control of your car by experiencing Skid Pan training.  Get the experience you need to handle skids either in your own car or someone else’s. Learn the art of car control!

Big boys can get them behind the wheel of a monster truck, or for a bit of off-roading there is four wheel drive experiences and quad biking.  Little boys who are not so adventurous could try the Go-Karting

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